Earthquake Disaster Emergency Response

Interstate is a company that is responsible for full service emergency response restoration and construction. Interstate was called to the site of an earthquake struck U.S Aerospace manufacturing facility that is responsible for employing 1,400 locals in the city of Mexicali, Mexico.

The facility was projected to lose more than one million dollars per day while it was closed down. Assessment of the facility started once power was restored to the facility and town.

April 4, 2010 Mexicali Earthquake

April 4, 2010 Mexicali Earthquake

Interstate was tasked with assessing the damage, developing a plan to keep business running while restoration was taking place and to provide safety recommendations.

A two stage offer was made by Interstate. This allowed for manufacturing to continue while restoration was taking place. The second phase was to make the standing facility more stable and upgraded to meet safety requirements. This involved Interstate working closely with local government officials to make sure all regulations were met. They also implemented a highly ranked safety program, this program met the highest safety ratings as well as U.S. government regulations.

Interstate maintained a very flexible schedule as well as open communication with members of the plants production team. Although there was extensive damage to the facility, Interstate was able to finish the project with minimal business interruption. The restoration and construction ended up costing 10 million dollars. This figure seems staggering, but in comparison to how bad it could have been, these costs are quite nominal.

Even with everything that held them back, Interstate was able to finish the project on time as well as within the budget. Interstate has a long history of working with property owners, managers as well as adjusters to get work done as soon as possible. This connection to the community helps Interstate maintain regulations as well as safety standards during the process of restoration and construction.