Brian Schupbach – HVE 3000

The HVE 3000 is a portable flood pumper and inline truckmount booster. The device is able to combine effective productivity functions to make it one of the finest and most versatile

Brian Schupbach

HVE 3000

extractors on the market today. The HVE 3000 gives you portable extraction plus a truck mount boosting its pre-filtering – all in one small unit. The device is has a slim profile and durable four inch wheels which is good for those small places that most competitors can’t reach. Up your extraction capabilities and use this device to access high rises and secure areas while increasing your profits and saving time.

Product Features:

-Easy Maneuverability: This unique vacuum hose and hosing are designed to make moving the unit easy. The slim profile can fit through even the narrowest of doors. It’s only 22.5 inches wide!

-High performance vacuum: Dual blowers and 2 inch inlets and outlets for increased airflow.

-Large waste tank: 12 gallon so you can take less trips to the drain to empty!

-Exhaust is filtered: The device comes with a HEPA filter that captures contaminants instead of spreading them in your work zone.

-Quick Gravity drain and auto pump out: Garden hose connection for auto-pump out or use the large toilet-height gravity drain.

-Easy Clean filter.

Overall this product is on you want to have on your worksite, the HVE 3000 will save you time and money.