Brian Schupbach – HVE 3000

The HVE 3000 is a portable flood pumper and inline truckmount booster. The device is able to combine effective productivity functions to make it one of the finest and most versatile

Brian Schupbach

HVE 3000

extractors on the market today. The HVE 3000 gives you portable extraction plus a truck mount boosting its pre-filtering – all in one small unit. The device is has a slim profile and durable four inch wheels which is good for those small places that most competitors can’t reach. Up your extraction capabilities and use this device to access high rises and secure areas while increasing your profits and saving time.

Product Features:

-Easy Maneuverability: This unique vacuum hose and hosing are designed to make moving the unit easy. The slim profile can fit through even the narrowest of doors. It’s only 22.5 inches wide!

-High performance vacuum: Dual blowers and 2 inch inlets and outlets for increased airflow.

-Large waste tank: 12 gallon so you can take less trips to the drain to empty!

-Exhaust is filtered: The device comes with a HEPA filter that captures contaminants instead of spreading them in your work zone.

-Quick Gravity drain and auto pump out: Garden hose connection for auto-pump out or use the large toilet-height gravity drain.

-Easy Clean filter.

Overall this product is on you want to have on your worksite, the HVE 3000 will save you time and money.

Brian Schupbach | AirPath by Dri-eaz

The AirPath is a product made by Dri-Eaz. The Airpath is designed to dry wet floors in a very short period of time. It is perfect for hard floors and even carpets. It is capable of drying hard floors or carpets in a matter of minutes, not hours. The AirPath offers an innovative 360 degree outlet grill Brian Schupbachdesign that has 40 MPH airflow. This allows you to excel in even the toughest floor drying challenges quickly and effectively. The AirPath works by pulling the warm dry air from the room and directing it across the entire surface of the floor. It covers up to 12 feet in all directions with that 40 MPH air flow. Just place the AirPath in the center of a room, lock the wheels and turn it on. Tile, vinyl, hardwood and even carpets will dry faster than ever.


Some product features:


  • High velocity 40 MPH airflow that covers 360 degrees
  • Patented 360 degree outlet grill design
  • Powerful one Horsepower motor with a 2-speed switch.
  • Durable, stackable and highly portable Rotomolded housing, also has a comfortable integrated handle to make moving the unit easier.


The unit weighs 38 pounds and only has an amp draw of 7.5 amps. It also produces 746 Watts of power with its one horsepower motor. It also has a power cord length of 25 feet which is more than enough to reach the middle of most rooms. The fan consists of 8 blades which help to produce the 40 MPH airflow that the AirPath produces.


Brian Schupbach – The Rover HVE

The Rover HVE is a product that will certainly change the way you think about extraction. This model has unsurpassed maneuverability and loads of special features that make extraction more efficient than ever. The Rover’s comes equipped with a joystick that precisely controls separate drive wheels to allow easy maneuvering around the sharpest corners.  Its patent-pending stainless head with custom polymer glide has a self-healing edge that easily rides over the carpet to maximize extraction on all types of carpet.

Brian Schupbach

The Rover HVE

The Rover HVE is efficient in transport, use and storage.  An easy 2-speed switch optimizes extraction effectiveness, and a clear take-up tube shows your progress while you work.  Integrated wheels make it easy to transport the Rover HVE from your vehicle to the job and back.  The unit’s ergonomic handle also collapses easily for storage.

Some of the Rover HVE’s features include: separate drive wheels allow the Rover HVE to move easily around corners and in tight spots. It has replaceable polymer glide that seals firmly over all carpets to provide deep extraction. A handy Joystick is rated for 5 million cycles. The Rover HVE also has a collapsible handle for space-saving storage and ease of transport, front loading wheels make the unit easy to transport and store.

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Brian Schupbach the LGR 7000XLi Dehumidifier

The LGR 7000XLi beaks performance barriers as the new category leader in the realm of dehumidifiers. It removes more water than any other dehumidifier in its category. In order for the LGR 7000 to achieve its amazing performance the Dri-Eaz engineers developed the Advanced Crossflow Technology which maximizes energy utilization. There are also built-in sensors that are constantly monitoring the real-time performance data and calculate the ideal operating parameters. It can adjust the fan speed and cycle duration in real time.

Brian Schupbach

LGR 7000XLi 

This model has an XL category-busting performance that is the same size as an Evolution but weighs only 107 pounds. This model has 40% better low-grain performance than comparable units which makes this machine a top performer.

Some other great features of this unit are:


-Built-in humidistat and plain-English control panel messages

-Ergonomic design, handle 2 inches taller for easier use on stairs. It also folds down for storage.

-Integrated cord and hose storage

-Standard 12 in. ductable outlet

-Practically indestructible, resists dings and dents,  stackable, saves room in a warehouse

-Advanced crossflow tech maximizes efficiency even in low grain environments. Ensures best performance across range

-Water removal holds 235 pints
Overall the Dri-eaz LGR 7000XLi is the best dehumidifier for your money. If you want top performance at a reasonable price, the LGR 7000XLi is the product for you.