Brian Schupbach – The Rover HVE

The Rover HVE is a product that will certainly change the way you think about extraction. This model has unsurpassed maneuverability and loads of special features that make extraction more efficient than ever. The Rover’s comes equipped with a joystick that precisely controls separate drive wheels to allow easy maneuvering around the sharpest corners.  Its patent-pending stainless head with custom polymer glide has a self-healing edge that easily rides over the carpet to maximize extraction on all types of carpet.

Brian Schupbach

The Rover HVE

The Rover HVE is efficient in transport, use and storage.  An easy 2-speed switch optimizes extraction effectiveness, and a clear take-up tube shows your progress while you work.  Integrated wheels make it easy to transport the Rover HVE from your vehicle to the job and back.  The unit’s ergonomic handle also collapses easily for storage.

Some of the Rover HVE’s features include: separate drive wheels allow the Rover HVE to move easily around corners and in tight spots. It has replaceable polymer glide that seals firmly over all carpets to provide deep extraction. A handy Joystick is rated for 5 million cycles. The Rover HVE also has a collapsible handle for space-saving storage and ease of transport, front loading wheels make the unit easy to transport and store.

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