Brian Schupbach the LGR 7000XLi Dehumidifier

The LGR 7000XLi beaks performance barriers as the new category leader in the realm of dehumidifiers. It removes more water than any other dehumidifier in its category. In order for the LGR 7000 to achieve its amazing performance the Dri-Eaz engineers developed the Advanced Crossflow Technology which maximizes energy utilization. There are also built-in sensors that are constantly monitoring the real-time performance data and calculate the ideal operating parameters. It can adjust the fan speed and cycle duration in real time.

Brian Schupbach

LGR 7000XLi 

This model has an XL category-busting performance that is the same size as an Evolution but weighs only 107 pounds. This model has 40% better low-grain performance than comparable units which makes this machine a top performer.

Some other great features of this unit are:


-Built-in humidistat and plain-English control panel messages

-Ergonomic design, handle 2 inches taller for easier use on stairs. It also folds down for storage.

-Integrated cord and hose storage

-Standard 12 in. ductable outlet

-Practically indestructible, resists dings and dents,  stackable, saves room in a warehouse

-Advanced crossflow tech maximizes efficiency even in low grain environments. Ensures best performance across range

-Water removal holds 235 pints
Overall the Dri-eaz LGR 7000XLi is the best dehumidifier for your money. If you want top performance at a reasonable price, the LGR 7000XLi is the product for you.